Emotions check up time!✌️

Ahoy mates, it feels great to be where my joy resides as I share my rethought thoughts. Feel at ease to read through with a smile on your face.😊 Thursdays have been my best days of late and not because most movie premiers are often held on Thursdays but since there’s a certain bible hangout […]

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Could someone please explain?

I really want to write it all down but I lack the appropriate words. I feel like I’m in a world where nobody really gets what I’m going through at all. I guess I’m overthinking too much and I know that it’s harmful but can someone assure me that it’s all a dream and I’m […]

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Get rid of insecurities for good!

#insecurities #lifehacks #writing #skincare Ahoy mates😀,welcome to another intriguing yet crucial topic about insecurities. We all have insecurities(celebrities included)and they make us human. I’ll allow you to think about them now. It may be those pimples on your face, your height, your body size, your accent, your hair,you name them! But hey, I’m here to […]

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